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Nucs (Bee Packages)

Nucs (Bee Packages)

Nucules colonies are well established with a queen that has been laying in the nucules box for several weeks to show the brood pattern. It includes 5 deep frames: 2 frames with brood, 2 frames with honey and pollen, and one drawn comb frame for the queen to continue laying,  These colonies are strong and should expand quickly so you could expect a honey crop the first year. 

  • Pickup Details

    Please bring a complete hive for transfer of the nucules colony into your equipment. I.E. Bottom board, one deep box with 5 of your frames, inner cover, top cover, a rachet strap to secure the hive together, and your protective gear. At pickup we will transfer the nucules coloney into your hive frame by frame and inspect them as we go. You will see the queen, the brood, the honey and pollen, and the drawn comb frame. 

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